Book Four - Betrayal

Meet Adrian and Elizabeth, whose marriage was almost destroyed by the Queen's suspicion and his own weakness for another woman.

Adrian thinks his future is sealed. He is betrothed to a suitable young maiden, Lady Frances, chosen for him in childhood, and he is heir to his dying father.

Then his brother tells him that he is in love with Frances and begs Adrian to release her. Despite the scandal, he agrees and goes about finding a new bride. But Elizabeth has a past trauma of her own that threatens to come between them when Queen Mary summons Adrian to serve her in her campaign to stamp out heresy.

The Hartleighs of Somersham - Book One A Match of Honour

When Christopher Hartleigh, heir to the Duchy of Somersham, is asked by his uncle to marry that uncle's daughter, Susan, he laughs. He has known Susan all his life and cannot imagine her being anything other than a sister to him. But when he seeks her out to share the joke, he learns something that changes both his mind and his future.

The Hartleighs of Somersham - Book Two Lady Penelope's Frenchman

Christopher Hartleigh succeeds his uncle to the Duchy, thinking being a Duke will be an easy task. But his young cousin, Penelope, is causing him problems. She fell for a French aristocrat, dispossessed by the revolution, and her own father, the late Duke, refused his consent.

Now Christopher is the head of the family, she hopes to persuade him, that being younger he will be more understanding. But Christopher no more trusts the Frenchman than did his uncle and also refuses his consent. She sees no option other than to elope, which will cause a massive scandal if it is known.

Now Christopher wonders if he is not too young and inexperienced to have this responsibility thrust upon him.

Holy Poison bloody Mary

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Pestilence Book Three - Once Loved

After the black death, people are fearfully beginning to leave their homes to discover if they really are the only people left in the world. 

Two such people are Rebecca and her son, driven from their home by superstitious townsfolk, who blame her for the pestilence because of her life as a prostitute. They flee and eventually come to Eversley village, where Rebecca learns what became of her eldest son, taken away as a baby by his father. 

Lady Felice has only just won the trust of her husband, and the arrival of this woman and her son, who looks so much like Christopher, threatens to destroy everything.


Book Three - The Viscount's Birthright

Meet Robert and Antonia, whose new found love was almost destroyed by suspicion and jealousy.

When Lord Robert's estranged father dies, he thinks he can at last look forward to marrying Lady Camilla and taking over the estate. But he soon finds his father is controlling things from beyond the grave, when he learns that in order to inherit, he must marry his father's ward, Antonia Jarvis. 

Having taken legal advice and found there is no option if he is to inherit, he prepares to say goodbye to Camilla and marry where his father has stipulated. But he reckons without Antonia, who declares she would rather work for a living than marry such a boorish and arrogant man.

Book Five - The Heretics

Meet Charles Carlisle, leader of the Protestant resistance and Julia, sister of bethany, who flees her abusive marriage to help him.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Julia finds comfort in the arms of Richard Summerville. But when he offers marriage to her sister, she has no choice other than to flee before their afternoon of passion is obvious to all.

The Elizabethans - Book One The Earl's Jealousy

When Michael Melford sees Lady Christine at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, he is totally besotted. But he is only the second son of an earl and she is the daughter of an important Duke. He has no hope of ever winning her hand.

Then his father and elder brother are both killed in a coach accident, leaving Michael as the Earl of Melford. Now he can at last ask the Duke for Christine, but when Edmund Carstairs tells him that Christine loves him and was torn away from him by Michael, his jealousy is like a monster which threatens to consume him.

black death
Pestilence the Black Death

Here I have listed the books which are in a series, the largest of which is six books. That one started life as a standalone novel, but the period was so fascinating and characters from the first book kept popping up in the others so I made it into a series.

The Elizabethans - Book Two The Viscount's Divorce

Viscount James is a very possessive husband. He holds to the principal that a woman's morals must be beyond reproach, and he rarely lets his wife, Helen, out of his sight, except for two days once a month when she goes to visit her father.

When one day she fails to return from her regular trip, he is frantic with worry and follows her to her father's house. There he learns that she has not seen her father since she married, and he learns a secret that sets him on a path to his own destruction.

The Elizabethans - Book Three Lord John's Folly

John is the youngest of the three Melford brothers and as such, has always accepted that he will have to go out and earn his own glory. Having been successful in thwarting an attempt to oust Queen Elizabeth from the throne of England and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots, he is rewarded with the title and estate of one of the defeated traitors.

It is when he is getting ready to leave for his new estate, that he receives a visit from the betrothed of his dead eldest brother, Malcolm. She hands him a letter from Malcolm, long after his death, asking him to care for his peasant mistress if any harm should befall him.

John cannot rest until he has found Heather, which he does but in dire circumstances with Malcolm's twin boys. His efforts to help her only cause heartbreak for them both when the Queen finds him a bride of his own class and refuses permission for one of her nobles to marry a peasant.

John is in love with Heather. He has no desire for this young maiden the Queen has found for him, but refusing her will not only ruin him, it will likely ruin his brothers as well.

Book Two - The Scent of Roses

Lady Felice agrees to marry Lord Christopher despite his reputation for ruthlessness and violence. In return for her hand in marriage, Lord Christopher will rescue her beloved father from his own recklessness and save him from debt bondage.

But she learns to love this enigmatic man who is feared by the rest of the county, this man whose distrust of women makes it impossible for him to return her love.

She thinks she can win his trust, but when he finds his peasant mistress dead and suspects Felice of poisoning her, she discovers just how merciless he can be.

Pestilence - Book One The Second Wife

When Lord Robin Eversley offers marriage to Charlotte, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, he is looking for a mother to his damaged daughter. But he soon appreciates how different and natural she is, when compared to the high born ladies he has known in his life.

The pair fall deeply in love, but that love is threatened by the sudden and unstoppable disease which spreads throughout the land like a vengeance of God.

Book Two - The Flawed Mistress

Meet Rachel, a woman known throughout the county as Richard's favourite mistress. 

Rachel is beautiful, the kind of beauty which causes men's eyes to follow her whenever she passes. But owing to horrific childhood abuse, that beauty has caused her no joy, only misery, until she meets Lord Richard Summerville.

He was different to other men; he befriended her, gave her wealth and protected her, gave her a life she would never have known. In return, she risks her life to pose as his wife at the dangerous court of Bloody Mary.

Book Six - Consequences

Having narrowly escaped with his head on his shoulders, Richard Summerville returns to the wife who betrayed him, the wife he still loves.

Their future looks uncertain, but they think their love can overcome the past.

But that past threatens to rear up and destroy the lives of their children.

Elizabethans historical fiction

Book One - The Judas Pledge

Meet Richard and Bethany, whose turbulent marriage threatens to destroy them both.

When the wealthy and handsome Lord Richard Summerville offers marriage to merchant's daughter, Bethany, she is thrilled. She promises him she will follow his catholic faith, but when Mary Tudor gains the throne, with Richard's support, she finds the struggle to keep her promise to be impossible.