‚ÄčAbout Me

Love and History

I was born in London, England in 1948, just three years after the end of World War II. I recall a lot of bomb sites, houses where all that was left was perhaps a fireplace or a kitchen sink. I was fascinated by those things as a child; I used to imagine the people who made their homes there and wonder if they survived the air raids which had destroyed their houses.

I always wrote stories, but they were my secret. People would think I was a little strange if they read what had come out of my imagination. They would think me even stranger were they to witness me practising dialogue!

I always read a lot and I became hooked on history after reading a novel by Jean Plaidy when I was about eighteen. It was called The Thistle and the Rose and was the story of Margaret Tudor's marriage to King James IV of Scotland. After that I devoured all her books and went on to reading non-fiction and especial chronicles and journals written at the time. Things like Pepys Diary and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, eye witness accounts of history as it happened are my favourites.

My books are mostly historical romantic fiction and are available in Kindle e-book and paperback. I am hoping to have some available in audio in the near future. They are all for sale via Amazon and are part of the Kindle Unlimited library, where you can borrow for a small monthly subscription.

I love writing historical fiction and my other first love is dogs. I love all animals but dogs are my favourite people. That's my story. I hope you will take the time to look at my other stories.

If you need to get in touch with me, my email is margaret-brazear@historical-romance.com