About Me

My name is Margaret Brazear and I am an historian. English history has always fascinated me, but I didn't find that love at school, where they managed to make the interesting events absolutely yawn making. When I left school, I started out on a journey through ages past which was absolutely fascinating.

My books vary from what is generally accepted as historical romance, in that the happy ending is not always forthcoming. Neither is the journey to that happy ending one without cheating or abuse. Some of my books aren't romance at all, but historical fiction nonetheless. One thing I always pride myself on is that historical facts are just that - fact. I hate it when I read a so-called historical novel that has the history all wrong.

I write historical fiction; I do not write contemporary fiction with long skirts and no plumbing. Things were different then; attitudes were different then. One reviewer said of one of my novels that it was 'disrespectful to women' - well, the sixteenth century was disrespectful to women and if readers don't want to know that, they should stay away from historical novels.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and I hope you enjoy my books. If those books are new to you, you can find out if you like them absolutely free by clicking on the button at the top of this page and joining up to my newsletter mailing list.

You can contact me with any comments at margaret-brazear@sky.com

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