Love and History

This story is not about King Richard, it is about history's forgotten princesses, the women who were, or should have been, the Loves of the Lionheart.

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This is a fictionalised account of the lives of the two princesses in the life of King Richard the Lionheart. It is a factual account, as far as fact is known, and not having an account of their lives or characters, I have portrayed these ladies as I see them.

Most know that the King is remembered as a brilliant military leader but little is known about the forgotten princesses, one of whom became his Queen.

Princess Alys was betrothed to Richard when she was only eight years old and sent to England from France to be raised by his family. At that time, Richard was not the heir to the English throne, as his elder brother still lived. What happened with Alys is something we will never know for certain, From a distance of 800 years, we cannot know what her character was or why Richard took so long about proceeding with the marriage, his father had time to take a fancy to her.

Margaret Brazear - Author 

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Berengaria of Navarre was the princess who married Richard, some say who won his heart. Certainly chronicles of the time state knowledgeably that the pair met and fell in love when she was very young, but it was not a successful marriage.

She was crowned queen of England and Cyprus at her wedding, which took place in Cyprus on the way to Palestine to mount a crusade. But she never set foot in England, despite being its Queen.