Love and History

Margaret Brazear - Author

Welcome to my website - Enjoy your stay

I am  a writer of historical fiction, romances mostly, all set amid England's past.  England has a fascinating past, full of plagues, violence and religious unrest.  But the most important thing to remember about the past is that they did things differently there. My stories are based on those different attitudes and values, and they are based around historical facts.

I write historical fiction. I do not write contemporary romance with long skirts and no plumbing. Attitudes were different, times were different. The past is another country; they do things differently there.

My love of history did not begin in school, where they made it very boring.  My love of history began when I read a historical novel by the wonderful Jean Plaidy called the Thistle and the Rose.  It concerned the marriage of King James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor, sister to King Henry VIII.  After that I was hooked and having devoured all Miss Plaidy's books, I then moved on to non-fiction and especially chronicles, stuff that was written at the time, like Pepys Diary and the Anglo Saxon Chronicles.

Now, thanks to Amazon, I have an opportunity to write my own historical fiction and I am thrilled with the response with which my books have so far been met.  I publish my books on kindle and in paperback.  If you don't have a kindle, you can download a free app for your smartphone or pad here.

Apart from my short stories, all my books are available in paperback and kindle.