Lord Adam Pennington returns from exile in France with Charles Stuart to find his estate sold to a follower of Cromwell, a Puritan named Jacob Janous. The estate has been badly neglected and, although the King has promised to return his property to him, Adam is penniless and can see no way of ever being able to afford its restoration.

But Jacob has a secret. Three years ago, he falsified the death of his daughter, Felicity, in order to protect her from Cromwell's law that adultery should be punishable by death. Despite her innocence, she was the victim of a vindictive suitor whom she rejected. Now Jacob is dying and because he was so successful at declaring her dead, he cannot now make her his heiress. 

He proposes that Adam should marry his daughter, to give her an identity, and in return he will leave his vast wealth to the couple. Adam is a man who enjoys life and has no belief in any religion, while Felicity is overly pious. When the couple meet, it is hate at first sight, but they both need something from the other, something they can find nowhere else.

Adam agrees, but has no intention of staying married to Felicity. He assumes she feels the same, but he is wrong.


Love and History

Margaret Brazear - Author 

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